Mission Statement

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The mission of the China AIDS Orphan Fund is to support the growth and dreams of at risk children in China who are affected by HIV/AIDS.


Our vision is to be credible stewards, providing humanitarian support and education to children in Central China by:
• Supporting our partners
• Growing local and US resources
• Expanding awareness of the HIV/AIDS orphan crisis in China


Henan, located in north central China, is China’s most populous province of nearly 100 million people. Currently, people in the province face a health crisis of epic magnitude. By some conservative estimates, more than one million people have contracted the HIV virus in Henan. Almost all of these individuals contracted the virus while donating selling blood for money to improve their standard of living in the early 1990’s. In the period of a decade, the virus has spread with ferocious efficiency, and with devastating social and economic consequences. In some of the hardest hit villages, more than 40% of the adult population has contracted the virus. As adults succumb slowly to the disease, their children often must shoulder responsibility for their care and that of younger siblings. While a small portion of these children are HIV+ through fetal transmission, most of them are not infected.

While the situation in Henan has received attention nationally and internationally, similar circumstances have also affected children and families in other provinces, particularly rural Anhui, Shanxi and Hubei.

Our Priorities

Our priorities are
Support the AIDS-impacted children’s education from kindergarten through college/vocational training. Help them deal with their personal tragedies through psycho-social support programs and address their physical and nutritional needs.
Help pay for medical needs for those children infected by HIV.
How CAOF Helps

CAOF raises public awareness of the situation by conducting seminars, distributing publications, and telling the story through the electronic media such as our website and Face Book. CAOF raises money for the Chi Heng Foundation (www.chfaidsorphans.com) which delivers services to address our priorities. The Chi Heng Foundation is a non-profit non-government organization with headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in the pandemic areas, primarily in Henan and Anhui. In 2009, Chi Heng is supporting over 8000 children whose parents had succumbed to HIV/AIDS. CAOF is proud to be one of Chi Heng’s supporters. In our partnership, the two organizations maintain close contact. To fulfill its responsibilities to its donors, CAOF keeps track of the use of its financial support by Chi Heng. CAOF also conducts due-diligence site visits to Chi Heng’s operations in the pandemic areas.